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Each day, at the beginning of class, I give the students a riddle to solve.  Not only are riddles fun, they are great for teaching about the nuance of language.  At the heart of riddles there is often some obscure, less-than-obvious meaning of a word.  Riddles tend to involve idioms fairly often too.

I’m amazed at how creatively my students think when it comes to riddles.  Many of their answers actually solve the riddle very well, even if their answers are not the “correct” one I’m looking for.

Here’s one example:

What can you keep after you’ve given it to someone?

Student A’s answer:  a name

Student B’s answer: a thought

“correct” answer:  your word
I think the students’ answers fit the riddle just fine, and they show that the students understand the figurative nature of the language.    Very impressive.

Just for kicks, I’m including a the riddles powerpoint that I use in class.  Can you solve them?



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