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For the kids . .

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Last time I visited China, I was with my kiddo.  From what I could tell, most people that approached us (yes, approached!!) seemed to be mainly interested in her braids, her English skills, etc.  This time I’m traveling solo, and before arriving to China, I’m thinking “I’m sure nobody will care this time since I don’t have a cute lil 5 year old at my side”.    WRONG!!

It’s no secret that as a 6-foot tall Black woman wearing a sky high braided dread hairdo, I look a lot different than many people in China.  So far people have come up and asked to take pictures at least a few dozen times.  Others refuse to ask.  I just find them shamelessly surrounding me, snapping photos.  Sometimes I pull out my camera and return the favor.  Because it’s guaranteed to happen every single time I leave the hotel, it can be flattering and annoying at the same time.  Without a doubt, I’ll probably end up on renren.com (人人网)  – the Chinese version of Facebook.

Depending on my mood, sometimes I’m down for the picture-taking festival.  Other times, I just straight up gesture in a way that communicates a solid “no”.    Then, people started sending their kids to me.  I miss my own kids a lot, which makes it very hard to say no to all the little cuties who asked for pictures (some willingly and others coerced by parents).   It’s all good tho.  Anything for the kids . . .


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